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3 Easy Steps to Summer Hair Care the Organic Way

Summer is the season for fun in the sun, dips in the pool and beach vacations. Unfortunately,
it’s also the season of dry, fragile, broken and damaged hair. But there’s a way to care for your
hair and protect it from damage using organic products.
Tu Organics proudly uses and highly recommends Sunway by Organic Way. The Sunway
product suite provides your hair with nutrients and antioxidants necessary during the summer
months. The beauty is that these products help you maintain healthy hair without
preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors found in other products.
Instead, your hair is treated to natural ingredients and essential oils such as:

  • Brazilian jicama extract (it repairs hair cuticles damaged by the sun, saltwater and chlorine)
  • Biodynamic lemon essential oil (it gives hair radiance and shine)
  • Passionfruit oil (it moisturizes and helps fight dehydration of hair)
  • Organic baobab oil (it replenishes the lipid barrier and elasticizes hair)

Try these 3 Steps to Maintain Healthy Hair in the Summer
1.) Protect Your Hair
If you plan to be out and about in the sun for extended periods of time, you want to spray your
hair with Sun Protective Elixir. Its natural UV filters serve as your first line of defense against the
harmful UV rays that degrade, discolor and damage your mane.
2.) Cleanse and Moisturize Your Hair
After you’ve taken a swim at the beach or in the pool, shampoo your hair with After Sun Hair &
Body Bath. This shampoo is an antioxidant that cleanses the scalp and gets rid of all sand, salt
or damaging chlorine.
3.) Repair and Restore Your Hair
After your hair has been stressed or weakened by the sun, chlorine or salt filled water, it’s
important to replenish the hair fibers. Use the After-Sun Hair Mask, a conditioner that
nourishes deep down. Simply apply it to wet hair and leave it in for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse.
Mariatu Browne, Owner and Lead Stylist at Tu Organics Salon and Spa said, “I’ve used Sunway
on one of my clients who spends a lot of her time at the beach. She loves that the Hair Bath
removes all traces of salt from the ocean and the After Sun Hair Mask repair and restores
softness back into her hair. As a stylist, I have to say the softness and silkiness of the hair
is unbelievable.”

If you would like to try the Sunway product solutions, call Tu Organics at (909) 727-3900 to get
the full, in-salon treatment or purchase the products to use at home.

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