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Healthy Facial Tips

At TU Organics Salon and Spa, we specialize in providing a range of facial treatments designed to help you achieve a flawless appearance. Our esthetician Richie began his beauty journey in childhood. Growing up surrounded by beauty industry entrepreneurs inspired him to pursue his education in the industry. Richie is a recent graduate from the Salon Success Academy, and his fun personality is ready to share his wealth of new knowledge. Last Friday, I got to experience his personalized “Peeling Sexy” facial treatment, which combines physical and chemical exfoliation with microdermabrasion. The treatment includes a brightening enzyme peel, an invigorating facial massage, and a soothing mint antioxidant mask. Richie recommended the treatment to address my concerns regarding uneven skin tone and acne scars. My skin also tends to be dry and oily making, which makes it challenging to find products that work for my face.

Every cleanser, exfoliator, mist, and masque Richie used on my face was organic, vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals. The lack of harsh chemicals left my skin feeling clean and hydrated. Since I tend to use plain soap and water every day to provide an effective clean for my combination skin, the whole process left my skin feeling renewed.

I found one of the steps the be particularly astonishing – the layers of dead skin Richie removed from my face. I was shocked to see how much dead skin was layered on my face! With those layers removed, my skin instantly felt smoother and fresher than when I walked into TU Organics Salon and Spa. I left the salon loving my skin and feeling more confident in my appearance, so it is safe to say “Peeling Sexy” facial was a success.

It’s been a week since my facial and my face is still feeling lighter and refreshed. In addition to the facial, I have been staying hydrated, reducing the oils in my diet, and using a hydrating lotion and matte moisturizer, which both contain SPF. Using products with SPF protects your skin from sunburns, and both items are conveniently sold at TU Organics Salon and Spa. My skin is brighter and healthier every day, even though my treatment was a week ago.

Some healthy tips Richie gave me for maintaining clear and healthy skin include:

• Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water keeps your skin nourished.
• Realize that clear skin begins with a healthy diet and consistent facial routine, it also allows you to optimize all the benefits of a facial treatment.
• Estheticians recommend four facials annually, one for each f the seasons. This helps your skin keep up with the changing weather.
• Stay in contact with your esthetician. This keeps them aware of any changes with your face or help you select and try new products, keeping you on the path to your healthiest skin.

Tu Organics Salon and Spa offer four different facials:

The Emancipation: Helps shrink pores and yields clearer, brighter, and soothed skin. This facial is 75 minutes of luxury and costs $225. (This facial is currently on a 55% off on Groupon, so go check the app)
Peeling Sexy: Perfect for early signs of aging. This facial minimizes fine lines, evens out skin tone, erases age spots and acne scars, and boosts blood flow. In just 30 minutes, your skin will feel renewed (Cost: $140).

The Fantabulous Facial: Addresses particular areas of concern with added beauty-boosting enhancements. The personalized facial will ease your worries in 60 minutes (Cost: $140).

The VIP: The ultimate five-star treatment! Deep cleansing, extractions, oxygen mask, a facial massage, age-fighting plumping serum, illuminating mask, and finished off with a 20-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage(Cost: $200; Duration: 75 minutes).

Booking your next facial and starting your journey to clear and healthy skin begins with booking an appointment with Richie. You can schedule your facial online at, or call us directly at (909) 727-3900, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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