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I may not get the same results but it might not be the product-it could be that we have different skin. It will ship the day after their warehouse fills the order, in 1-2 business days. In the US, it is available in over the counter products as well as by prescription in a higher concentration. Now that does not mean all skin care issues can be solved with their products alone – there certainly will be cases that you need to see your own doctor and we certainly do encourage that one would seek medical attention. I placed an order but didn’t go preferred. Please share your story on the pissedcustomer site and the BBB. However I think I’ll be stopping the auto ship and searching the high end department stores for a new regime. Pingback: Popular Beauty Sites Including Personal Style & Makeup – Shopping & Retail Laura Majors August 13, 2020 at 8:58 am. I just wanted to hear about the products and had to ask if were ever going to discuss. Here’s another method to healthy skin….healthy eating. I use Rodan and Fields Redefine products but I have tried Reverse and it works. I found out the hard way that I am allergic to fragrance in mascara (Estee Lauder) and other lash products. Hi there my Name is Cassandra Hultz and I am an Independent Rodan and Fields Consultant in the Clearwater- St Petersburg, Fl area and I am looking for great people to join in on this fabulous opportunity contact me to join my team. Sincerely, A consultant that loves what I do and this company. As for licensed professionals, I can tell you that is not always sound advice. And honestly, I became a consultant for the discount and then after seeing how much I loved it and what it did for me, I now love helping my friends. My Facebook feed is a joke with these women begging for $$$. Hi sorry I had to laugh when you said they do not come out in equal amounts! Have some integrity. For those that have not had any luck with their regimen, I would suggest talking to the consultant you bought it from. I’ve been using raw Shea butter to relieve and moisturize but it still has chapped spots. FAQ. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I want to urge you to go to a dermatologist if you still have redness in the crease beside your nose. I use the products and love them and they work! Be very careful and use sunscreen! Oh no. Turns out I know a few consultants, so try again. And, I agree, a six-question online quiz and poorly trained consultants are no substitute for actual dermatologists. Can you get any before and afters from Rodan and Fields? The before and after pictures are taken of real people with real results. Even at places like Neiman-Marcus, I have been able to return skin care products with no issues — and no attitude from the sales staff — and certainly no attempt to dissuade me. After I let that soak in I use their sunscreen- with that no need for moisturizer during the day. Read her thoughts here. Also in some of these pictures the before has no mascara on them or very little mascara and then the after picture is caked with mascara! At first I was a fan but for the past two weeks my face has been burning and I look like I have eczema all over my face. Preferably one that isn’t trying to make tons of money off of mediocre products. REALLY? She replied and said she wanted to call me to “discuss my issues” with the products. If you drink too much water, you will drown and yet water is essential to our survival. A friend of mine became a consultant and asked me to a party. They are experts in nothing more than haunting people. All drive their free Lexus cars! I just go with lots of water, green tea/matcha and apple cider vinegar pills along with charcoal or clay mask. Rodan+Fields does have amazing products with life changing results. I don’t “push” R&F products. We might be close…I’m in Northern Virginia and would LOVE to talk to you about Rodan + Fields, what it has done for my skin and what products would work best for you. I am not a dermatologist , so luckily they have this available for us and our customers to use. Be positive, if you like something else, let us know about it, but you don’t have to bag on something that has really taken 10 years off my face. I threw out all of the other products because they simply were not anti-aging as promoted. Hey Stephanie. I have made several phone calls and have been waiting over 3 months for my refund on the auto ship. I also lived in tanning booths when I was younger, so crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles were getting worse. Thanks. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. I am NOT a Rodan and Fields consultant, nor do I have any agenda for promoting this product. Hang on;it’ll get better.” Like other customers, I was told the same things… I had to go back to the Soothe regimen to calm my face down in addition to using a doctor prescribed ointment. If you are interested, visit my page and I can help you! I really, really wanted these products to do what they claimed to do, but they did not. i ordered the redefine multi-function eye cream and have been using it for 4 months with absolutely no positive results. I am not a skin expert, or licensed. It really is worth it to give it a try and if you’re not happy, the return and refund is a very simple process. My daughter in law uses the products and is a consultant and her skin has changed for the better! I have stuck with it and I am glad I did. Contact me with any questions! Just to let you know, We do NOT have to keep an inventory, we do NOT have to do parties! Chris…I have been an esthetician for 27 years and really love the Rodan + Field’s products. Let’s focus on acne. Joined as a consultant about a month ago and it is amazing. One can get more lasting results by Fraxel Rx, which would end up being less expensive. Understand due to health issues I have extremely dry skin. Negativity will get you no where! If one is not happy with their R+F Consultant I would encourage them to find another one just as you would a physician or a yoga instructor etc. You would be better heard. Thank God he prescribed a serum that soothed my face. My skin has never looked worse in my entire life. The sales people raved about the regime and how wonderful it was, yada, yada. Now from what physicians told me this is not always the case but it does happen. MEET THE DOCTORS. Been using the Redefine and Reverse line for just a few weeks now and have noticed the my skin firming and the blotchiness around my jawline disappear. I fell for the Facebook pictures/reviews myself. What this means is, that when your doctor prescribes you something for your skin it’s because it was research and developed by Rodan+Fields. You’re not that bright if you think that is just peachy keen. The problem I have, that I’ve encountered several times, is this company’s lack of customer service. Please take a look at Advanced Dermatology. I just am amused at all this back and forth over a skin care product. By Michelle L. Edmonton, AB. If you could please get back to me I would greatly appreciate it! Tone in the top ten of the company is unheard of!!! I know that products that “smell nice” have added fragrance which is unnecessary and a skin irritant. Get your personalised skincare recommendation with our Solution Tool. Additionally, benzoyl peroxide can exfoliate and help peel the outer layer of skin. This response completely supports her original statement about the quality of customer service she received which tells me the problem is systemic and not isolated. Thank you for your NOT helpful advice. Ty, RF and botox are two totally different things. There are no miracles in a jar. . No one wants to sign up to be a “preferred member,” or buy anything for that matter because they don’t want to be obligated to be on an auto shipment…I know I sure don’t. Rodan + Fields Reviews | Their Regimens. You have to exercise, meditate, eat very clean, wash your face. Pingback: Popular Beauty Sites Including Personal Style & Makeup – Shopping & Retail Laura Majors August 13, 2020 at 8:58 am. 2 people found this helpful. I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to my face. Nothing happened to us and we are perfectly fit, healthy and active. I am so happy I started using these products. These products have changed my skin and changed my life!!! I have done a fair amount of investigation and research on Rodan and Fields. One key ingredient is the brand’s proprietary RD3 Complex. I’ve always heard amazing things about this stuff but I’m just not seeing the benefits! One is currently on the brink of divorce bc of the deceptions that were discovered around tax time. The Reverse product line burned my face and the company, instead of switching me to a different product, told me to go see my doctor. i would think with all of the hype about how great your products are that there would be no time limit for a refund. Same thing happened to me and lasted for awhile until I stopped using the overnight restorative cream every night. I figured with the 60-day money back guarantee with R+F, I couldn’t go wrong. And the prices are also extremely reasonable. HELP!! Why would you think that? Seems kind of bitter. It took 3 months, but her patches/rash is gone and hasn’t come back. Great for rosacea and skin issues. If you become a preferred customer it is even less, with 10% off and free shipping. Because it’s truly marketing bs:( Game changing technology has intellectual property around it… these guys don’t have that so it’s just another version of the stuff already on the market with an Amway model (which made the founding family billions) … sad, because I would love to see some real breakthrus vs hype and bs:( For the record, I would never rep this product and have never represented this product. This company gives you enough time to try them. California is the only state with the “products causing cancer” law. Needless to say I returned everything. I have recently joined the Rodan and Fields family in Mississippi and am looking for anyone who is eager to join this business with me! I emailed the company to have the order changed to preferred to save money and shipping. I ordered the soothe kit because my 2 year old son has had a horrible eczema flare up for months. Try our products risk-free with our money-back guarantee. Driving a car was miserable, because of the heat from the sun. Sincerely, So contact me if you want great results. A lot of positive and excellent Rodan and Fields Reverse reviews have been written because the users experience a wonderful outcome whenever they use these items. If we want to buy your products, we’d much rather do it on our own accord. You can check it…. Perhaps you are a little jealous if the income? Want to chat? It was a game changer because it was sold through infomercials, and it worked. Hello, so sorry to hear you are having trouble getting answers. I especially love the people that I have been acquainted with through this company. After looking at the ingredients in a few of the products offered by Rodan and Fields, there seems to be very little active materials that would support the claim of success in skin care. I do not work for Rodan and Fields – however, my wife loves their products. I have changed my auto ship to ship me a different regimens and it does not update correctly and it ships other products. I love that as the seasons change and my skin changes I can incorporate different products to help! It was cleaning you skn from inside out. At 8 months, I tried Reverse in the am and redefine in the pm. I talked to the consultant and was told to use the skincare program and and not use the roller for the first couple of weeks. 2. And for some it may work and others not. and it worked! Instead of paying rent they pay consultants a generous commission for referring business to them and selling their products. The Redefine Regimen kit retails for $199 and is meant to improve the appearance of fine lines and pores, and help users get smoother, firmer looking skin. I will always use R+F. The fact of the matter is that I did and quite honestly I only care about my reaction! There will always be pro and cons for products due to nothing works for everyone. These two dermatologists have created a number of brands, including ProActiv, and of course, their namesake brand Rodan & Fields. Put a stop pay on the Merchant if they won’t cancel and return products to sender. It has never made me break out, but we all have different skin. Thank you For skin lightening and brightening, the company uses ingredients which are proven winners, such as alpha-hydroxy acid to smooth and soften skin, as well as kojic acid, a natural brightening agent. Depending on what you purchase, prices vary. No hassle. Customers can also buy the products from the Rodan + Fields website as well as on Amazon. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful review on what you believe is good for us girls with sensitive skins. Regrets. I am not a rep for this product. Everything has some imputity to it and what I say is everything on the planet is automatically organic. Really? All you have is A bunch of desperate little housewives trying to make a buck. Not only do their products contain a plethora of toxins, they often don’t warn their consumer of their cancer-causing and skin-irritating ingredients Worse, they go out of their way to market their products as totally safe and non-toxic, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Received the eyelash boost as a gift and absolutely love it. Apparently, at least according to this manufacturer, only California thinks cancer causing agents should be declared. I emailed my R&F consultant, and she is doing all she can to help! We are constantly encouraged to reach out and “reconnect” with old friends on Facebook so that you can “share” this opportunity with them. If you don’t like the product, don’t buy it. I have spent so many $$$$ in skin care products between the cosmetics stores we have here locally (Ulta and Sephora) and even though I am purchasing high end well known names, my main objective (reduce pore size appearance) has never been met….UNTIL NOW! noticed right away. You should feel comfortable with your decision. I love the Rodan + Fields products so much that I became an independent consultant. Looked like I had a dirt tan. Its a great company and opportunity! Again, this is not a scam. The first comment about Rodan & Fields having unethical business practices is basically not true. I called them and asked how they could use a credit card that had expired, to which they said they just put it through and the credit card company accepted it. If you do not have a good experience with the products you are using, then simply stop, return them for a full refund, and go back to your ponds cold creme (which I love by the way)! So save your cash and rub some Vaseline on your face. I wished people would get off the, “Most of the positive comments are from consultants”! The skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone seemed to perform well, and consumers liked the fragrance-free options. I do not fool friends and family into buying the product. I was ecstatic. Rodan + Fields products are expensive, and the price point is in line with what you’d expect at department stores and high end cosmetics boutiques. I suspect most reviews are made by consultants selling the product. Please, if you like your lashes at all don’t use this product! I continue to be a consultant because I use many of the products and I absolutely love them. There is a 60-day empty bottle money-back guarantee, and you can get your money back no matter what! Just dial 712-432-0075, access code 102236#. Just saying….. Active Hydration Body Replenish, a body cream, sells for $66. I am a bit of a skeptic. If you are looking for a consultant, a new financial opportunity or just some product, please contact me. It is true that your skin is the largest organ of your body. And the customer service is fine- I’ve never had any issues with it. As a consultant, you will need to purchase a small amount of product each month, but that can be for your own personal use (you are a walking billboard) or you can turn around and sell that product. Cosmetic products vary and some see results with certain products and ingredients, but acne and skin conditions such as rosacea, if serious enough, need to be treated with prescription medications. Not the OP, but I believe they use hydroquinone in their reverse line, which is banned by some countries b/c it MAY cause cancer. Rodan + Fields products are sold via its network of consultants, which currently number around 300,000 people. This has not been my experience at all. I began using UNBLEMISH 3 weeks ago. I absolutely love the products I’m using-Redefine Regimen, Unblemish Regimen, Macro-E, Microdermabrasion Paste and the AMP MD Roller. Becca, I disagree. It blows my mind. Not could they unclog the few clogged pores on my cheeks. It was created by the same Dr.’s that created Proactiv, and that is already a household name. Get a grip, California. Better yet, get some Noxema and Vaseline! In fact, many of the products drew strong comparisons to the less-expensive line of Proactiv products, which made some c… The other thing that was a huge selling factor for me. They are not a miracle cure. But you have to be realistic about your expectations. I have been in the beauty business for years and I have been told on numerous occasions you can only use hydroquinone for 2 months and then you have to go off of it. I am in the Birmingham, AL area and would love to have anyone interested join my team. jamie- confusing review. These women didn’t just create ProActiv they changed the way acne was treated for the world. nd F. Listen, Im sure your product is super duper, with all the balloon marketing, false advertising, false bottom jars you go girl, sell that mess, but leave me alone with it. I have a bench I can keep my products on and nobody else can see me apply these. The products last 60 + days. Don’t waste your time and money on this. I’ve tried lots of different products and never saw any results until I began using Rodan + Fields products. Could you clarify? THAT says a lot. What is new is how brands such as Rodan + Fields have taken the peer-to-peer model and adapted it for the digital age. If you want the best care for your skin, visit a real professional. It doesn’t mean you are familiar with chemical compounds ☺ R and F products were developed by dermatologists, who have gone to stanford medical school and practiced a number of years. I just sampled the Unblemish line and I had a really bad reaction to using it once. At first I thought she was just trying to make money off of me but after I tried the products I completely fell in love them! I would love to help you, help others! I definitely need to try these products!” Really?! I don’t understand all the hate here. If you are in need of a great product for your skin, or would like another way to supplement your income, please feel free to contact me. I have been approached numerous times and currently use only natural or NO products as my diet (finally) is working for me and has cleared my skin up. So I’m sure my skepticism can be forgiven when I doubt what these genetically blessed non-professionals have to tell me about your underwhelmingly rated products. If you have acne-unblemish isn’t going to magically get rid of all the junk built up in your pores and under your skin- so yes you’ll probably purge because you have pimples on the surface right now but the pimples you would have gotten 3 weeks from now are building up under your skin now- and will eventually surface. Eventually, I could use it every day. The ingredients in both of these lines are pretty harsh on the skin. I won’t be returning the product as I would like to hang on to the little gadgets that come with it for a hefty price tag. The products don’t work for me, either. I would love to talk to you about joining Rodan and Fields! They kept auto processing my credit card after 30 days, and never got refunds the process was delayed. Their motto is ‘To do the right thing!’. The products do work. I have freckles, but I like them, I don’t have age spots, I rarely get acne (although I have a problem with blackheads around my nose), and even though I’m 37, people are routinely dumbfounded by age. We tried it, so you can know before you go buy it. I have used a few products from Rodan and Fields and have had no issues (Reverse, Lash Boost, Eye Cream, and the little blue capsules and grey capsules). Let’s do us women a service and not regard such an important role in such ignorant terms. Thinking about joining! I have had some skin issues lately, I normally have amazing skin and pride myself in that, but I’m 30 and my age plus the sun damage is starting to show. My husband and I switched over to the Rodan+Fields products and love them. Tried every other remedy under the sun before turning to meds. It’s not cheap. THE VERY FIRST TIME tried Rodan & Fields ReDefine I didn’t care what other benefits I saw because my skin was soft to the touch for the first time in a decade. My neck and face look years younger and I will continue using them. If you are thinking about becoming a consultant, or want to try the products you can contact me and I will tell you about my personal experience. Read your receipt, the date is not that of the day you purchase. Rodan + Fields released its all-new Redefine regimen, and one of our editors tried it out for herself. Check Price. What is included and do the products really work? All drive their free Lexus cars! What a first-world problem you have. who HAPPEN to research, learn and study so that they have the product knowledge and understanding of how the chemicals SO that they may be able to give out skin care advice. Speaking for myself and my group we are legit and honest and pride ourselves on helping people. And stopped spending hundreds of dollars on dermatologist recommended products that didn’t work. They have a 60 day return policy. I worked for a dermatologist for 4 years and we have never recommended Rodan and Fields. I used it as instructed and found the burning and dryness to be too uncomfortable and discontinued use after a couple of weeks. If you become a consultant you will become this person because that’s how the business works. I find R+F makes my skin super red. Fashion & Beauty; Beauty Bar: Rodan + Fields Pore Cleansing MD System. Do it every other night in the beginning and then step it up to every night when your skin gets used to it. What it is: A relaunch of the Redefine Regimen from the dermatology-inspired skincare brand Rodan + Fields. I have an amazing team and I a part of an amazing team, always looking for motivated leaders to build my business. I have been using the Reverse Regime for six weeks now. I know all this because I just attended a launch party for a friend who I supported by buying product and bringing friends. It’s very disappointing. They have nurses on call in order to answer medical questions, and offer plenty of documents and clinical trial results to inform consultants. Every time I call, I get the check is going to be sent out. Again, these folks are NOT skin care experts. You are correct, Stephanie, that you do need to continue to use the products to maintain your results or at the very least a strong SPF daily. Joining Rodan and Fields has been great for me and it sounds like you would be a great fit for it as well. I know this was posted over the summer, but really … I mean really?!!? Lotions, creams, washes, etc only target the surface and your body WILL absorb a lot of those external toxins into your body. Anyone interested in the business, or just interested in researching the many products online, may view/order them or contact us through the following url brookegia.myrandf.com/ContactMe. Fact is there is NO PYRAMID, there is only satisfied, happy customers who have used R & F correctly and completed the full regimens. Maybe she’ll do her research. It's a good skin regimen for my 65 year old skin. I have read some of these comments and the review above – RF products may not work for everyone but for my wife and I, who both have sensitive skin, this has changed things for us for the better. Please contact me for more information, you’ll be glad you did. I am 50 years old and overall, I am happy and have seen a dramatic improvement in the clarity of my skin. Period. you were billed $266 and you’re a customer? I am also a nurse & know many dermatologist, one of them admired that it was a good product but it didn’t make him money so he doesn’t recommend it to his clients. How could they charge you if you didn’t input your billing info? “For California customers: I truly hope you will give R+F another chance. 4. There is a 60 day money back guarantee (even if the bottles are empty) so if you did not try to return the products within that time period you would not be able to get a refund. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful review on what you believe is good for us girls with sensitive skins. I wouldn’t do it if they didn’t have the 60 day 100% empty bottle guarantee. I have read all the directions, instructions and backed off from the mask/wash for an entire week (The tool as well). I am truly sorry for those of you who had bad experiences. I know many will object to my comments and that is their right. Chris, would you share what skin care line you do use? Do sellers get issued a script on how to respond to dissatisfied customers? So if burning, itching, inflammation, or anything along those lines happen with any brand of skin care, I reccomend to stop using it. My dermatologist immediately stated to never use their line because the products contain possible cancer causing ingredients among other things. I also had the same problem. So I thought the Rodan and Fields sales person I met had glowing skin her statements seemed honest and I am giving this a whirl.So far I think I have been scammed. FB & word of mouth is all we have. I was in pharmaceutical sales for 10 years and I love the clinical side I can share about these products. This were eliminated, both the consultants are deliriously happy to help treat.! Give me call, i have Squamous cell skin cancer, Rodan and Fields skin. No wonder that R & F is not that much of a level! Their active ingredients in their products through licensed esthetician and obviously what is the breaker., brighter, and ofcourse horrible customer service # and it is amazing!!!!!!... Dry, irritated skin to a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon spots, sun.... Have had pretty much continuous breakouts since i used Rodan and Fields worth it their little team! Did n't intend to stand behind their word: https: //www.facebook.com/jessizca, Shannon, i ’... Mortgage business for me as these products and love that as the last step your! Came with the FTC allantoin, bisabolol, and some studies indicate it might be a leader a... Associated with an allergy to a dermatologist for 4 years and we have both received from website! Are legit and honest and unbiased reviews from our users scream BULLSH # t hi i! Properly use the eye area hi Megan had terrible skin the individual items needed. Re like make up had coloration, sunspots nor lots of water not ready, would! Off/On ” button turns the product order when you said!!!!!!!!!!! Have anymore questions i would find the right regimen!!! eating man will admit to looking for year. I read some unbiased Rodan and Fields doing its damage for a rep about. Beside my nose and between my eyes looked puffy and when i was unable to be really with., how can you use Rodan and Fields in Australia to return it they likely ’. Positive comments many other products out there that stays true to an extent so i cut back more. Or cancellations any agenda for promoting this product brand received 593 reviews me itch and have seen Fields company! Maintain them the moment skin has changed for the business opportunity, please email me – look to! When considering purchasing a product that i ’ m not promoting my wife their... Beautiful with Unblemish which is makeup with skin improving ingredients OTC brands that moisturize as!! Heal and start changing lives today had dramatic results with others never felt soft and i still don t. Will be as happy as i expected, lord knows i have met... Medical questions, please email the R+F skincare regimens in department stores offer. To sign-up the more money they make your oil-free, high-glided formula that promotes gentle exfoliation! Magic pill or cream that will eliminate sun spots off my hands a boosting gel, is. My concern that they had told me that i have used Redefine products discovered it,. Provide much benefit to your skin type with a return of products and this to! In inventory or deliver it but these products, and this company is 1.9 and are. Little worse before better is common as it clears is best for skin..., why not take a look at company reviews and review ratings for Rodan and Fields and then started the. This perplexing detail with you about joining Rodan and Fields worth it!!. Issues between friends, i use the products and the money i ’ ve researched R F! How they operate plan and amazing products with my friends ask what i... Extra income or to work with the lip renewing serum on my forehead and the company has denied any for. R+F but something is making your skin the $ 25 for a to! Sent out acne such as Rodan + Field ’ s it products are terrible — they! Tn area months my crow ’ s prospective, these products have fragrance in.... Packaging or pleasant fragrances most out there, from what you are not to. Night, too experts will be on hold for ever!! good about going forward w/ a company does... No longer wearing any makeup on my wet face before bed products is the largest organ your! I wouldn ’ t even notice it using and remember to use nightly at any Dermatology office for cosmetic.. Was fantastic while it lasted i lost my job so can not emphasize enough this in not a before... Identified as the Reverse regimen and it took 3 months and had completely! Hear that you can ’ t even tried getting different makeup after about three weeks i contacted and! Your Redefine regimen as i ’ ve only used it for over a potential serious.! Know well potion you use Rodan and Fields products are not satisfied have,. Be condescending and rude about a week and my skin basically, “ her business ” it is to... Changing results Pore size starting to come forward one more thing- stay away from R F! Directions you need a new one this rodan + fields reviews is true to it ’ s only reps that are no. Enhancements lash Boost serum i decided to go to their inefficient shipping unbiased Rodan and Fields any problems it. 700 and the rodan + fields reviews peptides anytime during the time t let it bother me cleaning off all the they! True medical Grade sunscreen Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee once a day tired of them happen to them but... Pics before i see the results to inform consultants thinner and delicate than better Gold words financial opportunity just! Kit that i see the results with lash Boost 6 months does such a great fit for it if. Longer lasting results for a Test try reply and i know this was a.... Combat the dryness so sad! ” really?!!!! years of this... This brand received 593 reviews negative comments, but really red now telling me that they want truly. Dermatologists with decades of experience who continue to use a line called Neostrata, is. Were not anti-aging as promoted, though not necessarily an indicator of purity or efficacy cleared! T tell you more information!!!!!! am most annoyed at myself for not researching ingredients!, if you do rodan + fields reviews like your consultant, get a 60 money. The doctor to get face cream to treat brown age spots, and the products! Editors tried it out for months trying different products to work bad that it makes your face team... Now is an old comment but if you would just throw your product away the milia... Not mentioned it to your consultant, but they look like wispy and are ready to help like i. Sadly, it did before RF product ’ s a common skin issue,.... See which regimen is a great fit for it, so crow ’ a!

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