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Mariatu Tu Browne

Founder – TU Organics Salon & Spa

Mariatu Tu Browne
Master Hairstylist, Author, and Speaker

Mariatu Tu Browne is a highly accomplished and sought-after hairstylist, renowned author on Amazon, and captivating speaker. With over eighteen years of experience in the hair industry, Mariatu’s journey began in her native Sierra Leone, West Africa, where she honed her braiding skills at a young age. Despite facing personal hardships compounded by economic challenges, Mariatu’s unwavering passion for hair led her to open her first salon in 2006. Although she had to close its doors due to circumstances beyond her control, Mariatu remained committed to her craft and continued to refine her cosmetology skills by working at other salons and pursuing further education.

In 2010, Mariatu enrolled at Chaffey College and earned an Associate of Science degree. She then pursued dual Bachelor of Art degrees in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing from California State University, San Bernardino, where she was awarded the prestigious Spirit of the Entrepreneur Scholarship. During her undergraduate studies, Mariatu launched Tu Organics Salon and Spa in 2016, a groundbreaking non-toxic beauty salon where she and her team of holistic hairstylists use organic products to transform people’s lives by enhancing their hair. Her deep passion for organic hair care arose from her personal commitment to living a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Mariatu also partnered with Green Circle Salons, and as a result, Tu Organics Salon and Spa has become a local leader in reducing the harmful impacts of the hair industry on the environment by diverting all waste from landfill and waterways. In recognition of her dedication to environmental sustainability, Mariatu was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the City of Rancho Cucamonga for participating in the Healthy RC Green Business Recognition Program.

In 2019, Mariatu joined Riverside City College Cosmetology Department as an Adjunct Cosmetology Instructor, where she passionately mentors and creates job opportunities for her cosmetology students. In 2020, she earned her Professional MBA from California State University, San Bernardino, further enhancing her business acumen. Mariatu is proud to be the Founder and CEO of Tu Organics Salon and Spa, with locations in California and Nevada. She is also a self-published author of her memoir “Tu Success! A Journey from Pain to Purpose,” which inspires others with her remarkable story of resilience and triumph.

Why I do what I do:

In 2014 in search of how I want to transform my life from a toxic to a non-toxic environment, I decided to provide options for clients and myself, as a hairstylist back then and working for Corporate America, where we used all the traditional salon products that were hazardous to our health and went through a bitter divorce, transitioning to the organic sector and a healthy lifestyle made sense for me and my well-being. To enjoy what I truly love to do and add longevity to my life for my children and myself was a priority. However, as I was deciding to make this change and doing research for my business startup, it also turned out that salon customers were looking for an alternative to traditional hair salon products. With the cause of cancer on the rise and other health issues, women were now looking for options. That is where I come in, providing them with natural products. Our organic products not only nourish and leave our client’s hair healthy and pretty but also leave them with peace of mind about not jeopardizing their health. These are the reasons why I do what I do.

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